WD’s new SSD – My Password SSD

Known to be one of the top-most companies for quality hard drives and data storage devices, Western Digital has launched a new device into the market. Western digital (WD), after having been successfully reigning the data storage sector, has introduced this new development in drives. It seems to be that the SSD (which is an external drive) is as fast as the internal drive. An internal drive is a fixed drive in the system, and the best example is the Drive C that we see in This PC.

WD’s new device, the SSD, named as My Passport SSD, is WD’s first, portable external device that is as fast as an internal drive, as mentioned earlier. It uses a USB with a Type-C connector, which is reversible and the USB 3.1 Gen 2 standard. An additional adapter tags along with the product that helps connect with the widely available USB Type-A ports.

“My Password SSD” can retain storage space in three different capacities – 256 GB, 512 GB, and 1 TB. According to sources, the SSD’s speed is about 515 MBps. The device has a hardware encryption and password protection of 256-bit AES. It has undergone a test for shock resistance to tolerate 1500G of force by drop testing it from a height as high as 6.5 feet.

The device comes with a WD Backup software that helps in running scheduled automatic backups onto the same device or on the Dropbox cloud. It is compatible with the Apple Time Machine after the OS of the system has undergone reformatting. The device has a three-year limited warranty. The rates differ according to the capacity of the storage space. For 1 TB it costs $399.99, for 512 GB is costs $99.99 and for the 2566 GB it costs $199.99.

This product is focused on those are always on the run and shifting their data frequently and speedily. This is a personal storage device that one needs in this fast-paced world. WD has yet again climbed up another rung on the ladder of competition in the world of tech business.

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