Seagate proposes large-capacity storage drives for tablets

Tablets are the in thing today and have shot up in demand. They are widely used for various purposes and are available at cheaper rates now. This has created more buyers for such products. Tablets, in the current market, come with a minimal amount of data storage space. Due to the lack of enough storage space and other services, tablet users have been making use of the recent cloud services, which is a separate entity of its own.

Most tablets contain a storage capacity of 8 GB or 16 GB and support basic programs and system activities. This has led a majority of tablet users to use external storage devices. Seagate took this opportunity and decided to enhance the use of tablets with the new large-capacity storage drives that will be launched forth later this year. Pat O’Malley, Chief Financial Officer at Seagate, states, in a computer system, the user would want to have that kind of a disk drive.

O’Malley said that Seagate sells a storage product, an ultramobile hard drive that has a capacity of 500 GB, measures 5 millimeters thick and fits well in a tablet. It also works on the performance levels.

Hard drives usually take a lot more power to function than flash drives and SSD’s. So implanting hard drives into a tablet may endanger the functioning of that tablet Archos was one of the few companies that went beyond and manufactured an Archos 101 G9 tablet with a hard drive with a capacity of 250 GB.

Seagate is also targeting to market their new addition to their list of devices, online too. Seagate sees that as more and more data is being created, clouds and other web services may also buy their drives. They also propose to create storage services for other storage devices and cloud services in the near future.

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