How to Choose the Best MicroSD Card for my Tablet

Even as storage devices are reaching most users’ hands, one can never be content with all these new gadgets coming out into the market. With the latest trends coming in, people want more “space” for themselves to save more of their memories. That is how MicroSD cards started selling out well. It is the simplest method to extend your memory space on your smartphone or tablet.


Things to look out for while purchasing a MicroSD card:

For every purchase, things that we usually look out for is the price and the capability of meeting our needs. The same follows with MicroSD cards. Apart from these parameters, of course, we also see if the product suits our requirements and is supported by our devices. MicroSD cards are classified into three major categories based on the size or space capacity.

The MicroSD card (Security Digital) can store up to 2GB of space. A MicroSDHC (Security Digital High Capacity) card has the capacity ranges from 2GB to 32GB while a MicroSDXC (Security Digital Extended Capacity) has the capacity that ranges from 32GB to 2TB. The capacity of the largest MicroSD card that is available is 512GB. One can use these different capacity levels for a tablet or eve a laptop. Most MicroSD cards are much faster than other types, as per the SD Association.

A new storage type they have recently released is the App Performance Class that highlight MicroSD cards that are usually supported by smartphones and tablets. This type of the storage device reads up to 1,500 IOPS (Input-Output per second) and writes up to 500 IOPS. This helps in opening apps much faster than usual.


How to choose the best MicroSD card?

If you are new to MicroSD cards, ensure that consider these before you buying a MicroSD card. You would want to buy an SD card with the highest speed, largest memory space capacity and is affordable at a good price. In short, you need the best device at the best rate. Ensure that the MicroSD card is supported by your device. Like any other digital device, check for the warranty details and the reliability of the brand. Purchase from well-known brands like SanDisk, Samsung, and Kingston to ensure that you get a good quality storage device that has a long life as well.


Some recommended devices and their details are:

# 1 SanDisk Extreme 32GB

  • Reading Speed – 90 MB
  • Writing Speed – 60 MB
  • Warranty – Durable and Lifetime
  • Video Quality – from 1080p up to 4k
  • Comes with an adaptor

# 2 Samsung Evo+ 64 GB

  • Transfer Speed – 80 MB/s
  • Video Quality – up to 1080p

# 3 Lexar Professional 12 GB

  • Read Speed – 150 MB/s
  • Write Speed – 45 MB/s
  • Video Quality – 4k
  • Comes with a handy USB card reader

# 4 SanDisk Ultra 200 GB

  • Read Speed – 90 MB/s
  • Video Quality – from 1080p up to 4k
  • Comes with an SD adapter

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