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If someone asked you which is better, 4TB or 3TB, would you not choose 4TB over 3TB? Naturally, everyone thinks that greater is the number, greater is the benefits. So it is with storage devices and drives. Backblaze plays a cameo and tells you more. Read on.

Backblaze cloud computing in action

Backblaze Unlimited Backup is a cloud computing software that assists an internet user in storing and access to data in its treasure-house making life easier. Of course, there are innumerable other clouds that can be availed easily at decent prices. But being one of the well-known clouds, Backblaze takes the place to advise you on how reliable 4TB is and which storage brand to use. But what is 4TB?

TB is the abbreviation of Tera Bytes. 1024 GB (Giga Bytes) makes one TB. The amount of data capacity is measured by bits and bytes that are saved in data storage devices, the most common one being the hard disk drive. Data storage devices come in many varieties and memory capacities and are classified under KB, MB, GB etc. Backblaze suggests three brands of storage devices for the use of 4TB and they are:

  • Western Digital – Being one of the leading brands of storage and security technology solutions, Western digital offers storage services that give its customers more than just technical advice but also a place of trust in terms of storage devices.


  • HGST – Formally known as the Hitachi Global Storage Technology, HGST Inc. is a subsidiary of Western Digital that generates hard disk drives, solid-state drives and external storage devices, products and services.


  • Seagate – Seagate also deals with storage devices and usually develops storage services that help preserve and store digital data online. They are used for both personal and business purposes. Seagate is the worldwide leader among all the other brands that offer storage solutions.


Why Backblaze prefer 4TB over 3TB

Here are some inferences that Backblaze came to after studying why 4TB is more reliable than 3Tb and which brands of storage services offer better:

  • Backblaze prefers the HGST and Seagate brands for the use of 4TB drives instead of 3TB for obvious reasons – 4TB is better, more advanced and more reliable in terms of masking the failures of 3TB. 4TB drives amount to only 2.6% of annual failure rate as opposed to 9.3% of 3TB drives. The study proves that 4TB is indeed a better option.


  • Western Digital is a world-renowned brand whose products seem to be more expensive. But one can still buy their products as it is assured that their 4TB products are of high quality.


  • Although HGST 4TB drives are more reliable than those of Seagate, Seagate d4TB drives are “better”, says Backblaze. But it is always to find for ourselves, don’t you think?


For those who are on the technological wings, you might want to know that 6TB drives are around the corner waiting for the 4TB drives to make way for them.


These are the views that Backblaze has got forth, but 4Tb is any day better than the 3TB drives. But the brand? HGST, though currently a subsidiary of WD, are known for their impeccable quality products. They have maintained the trust their loyal customers have had in them. Backblaze concludes that HGST 4TB drives are the top-quality products.

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