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Quick, Cheap and Easy ways to upgrade your laptop Storage

There are a number of instances when your laptop storage is not enough for you. This problem arises over time when your computer is operational for some time and has accumulated data. The new technology laptops and PCs are equipped with new SSD drives that have a comparatively less storage space. However, you can upgrade your laptop storage easily with some cheap methods.

It is good that the modern laptops come with a less memory space. This gives them a fast during other operations. A number of times users find it difficult to cope up with the low memory issue. With such a huge amount of data floating around on the internet, most of the computers get full in months. Then raises a great concern of fulfilling the need for more storage.

To end your storage struggle, here are some of the cheap methods with which you can expand the memory space of your laptop.

Storage Cards

You can get a number of storage cards on the market that has a memory capacity. These memory cards have a capacity that varies from 2GB to 128 GB and much more. These are small storage cards to hold data in electronic devices like laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Depending upon the size of the memory cards, their names vary like SD card, Micro SD card, and SDHC card etc.

In almost all the modern laptops, there is a slot for a memory card. This slot has a memory card symbol on the top and is equipped with memory card reader. This slot can read memory card and use the space as an expansion of your laptop memory.

Most of the laptops have an SD card slot, which is large. These memory cards are small and cheap; you can buy any kind of SD card. Examine the memory card slot of your laptop, and see if the card you have fits in. If the slot is for SD card and you have a micro SD card, you can use it with the help of an adapter. Thus using an SD card in your laptop can help in storage expansion.

Flash Drive

The modern flash drive is designed very small and high capacity. These flash drives are cheap and can be used for a number of purposes. Most of the times, people use pen drives to transfer small data and keep files for movable access.

You can totally use a flash drive or pen drive to enhance the storage capacity of your device. If the storage of your laptop becomes full, you can make use of a flash drive to make an expansion. Flash drives come in a variety of size, shape, color and memory capacity.

A number of low profile flash drives are introduced to the laptop users. The term low profile signifies the size of a flash drive. It is low profile because it is hardly visible if you have connected it to your laptop. The size ranges from a few centimeters to just the size of a USB port.

You can get a flash drive with 2.0 slot for your laptop. The memory capacity may range from a few MBs to several GBs. There is a huge range of flash drives that you can use to expand the memory capacity of your laptop.


The term cloud is one of the most famous storage location these days. Cloud storage is a virtual space where you can save your data and recall it anytime. It gives a great convenience for everyone to safeguard their data in times of failure.

There are many cloud storages available for users and many are free. Microsoft One drive and Google Drive are among the most famous cloud storage providers. The cost of cloud storage is comparatively higher, but you can get space as much as 1 TB with such services. This gives you freedom to access your data from any computer and any place.

Use of cloud space can be the most interesting and most useful expansion of your laptop memory.


Apart from everything else, you always have the option to upgrade your internal memory. There are more powerful and better capacity hard drives available. You can make a replacement at any time you want. This procedure requires a lot of care and knowledge of hard drive replacement.

Apart from being difficult to execute, this method is costly too. If you wish to replace the hard drive of your computer with a new one, it may cost you too much. But once replacing the internal drive with a larger capacity is the best choice.

This can make your laptop faster, more efficient and with better capacity.

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